Liposculpture in Mexico
Liposculpture in Mexico



If you’re considering a liposculpture...


Liposculpture is the most refined reshaping of the body by liposuction and uses smaller diameter tubes called “cannula” to suction the fatty deposits than the usually used in liposuction.


If you’re considering a liposculpture, this information will help provide a basic understanding of the technique and what can and cannot achieve. Because each individual patient is unique no amount of written information can replace a personal consultation with Dr. Gomez-Mendoza and his team.


The following information is strictly the opinion of Dr. Gomez-Mendoza and pertains to the tumescent technique of liposculpture of the body and facial liposculpture procedure as performed by him.



What is a tumescent liposculpture?


There are many alternative techniques to perform a liposculpture but the tumescent technique is one of the best techniques at present time that can reduce postoperative bruising, swelling and pain. Because blood loss is minimized during tumescent liposculpture, use of the technique avoids the possibility that a blood transfusion will be needed. In some patients we recommend this technique with the addition of a reciprocating cannula (a power assisted cannula); the reciprocating motion facilitates the movement of the cannula especially in areas with fibrous tissue. The fibrous tissue has always been a problem in the buttocks, "saddlebags" (upper sides of thighs in women), back and the male breast (gynecomastia). The reciprocating system moves through these areas faster, with less trauma resulting in less work and strain for the surgeon and less pain and a faster recovery in patients. This cannula is not ultrasonic and no heat is generated by the instrument, so there are no risk of burning the overlying skin like it happens sometimes with the ultrasonic technique.


In the tumescent technique, areas of excess fat are injected with a large amount of liquid, local anesthetic and other medications before liposuction is performed. The liquid causes the compartments of fat to become swollen and firm or “tumesced”. The expanded fat compartments allow the liposculpture cannula to travel smoothly beneath the skin as fat is removed. The incisions for the cannula are between 2 and 4 mm so the scars are not noticeable after a while.



Who is candidate for tumescent liposculpture?


Any person who is candidate for traditional liposuction is also a good candidate for the tumescent technique. Although the technique can be used on any area of the body, it is commonly used on areas that require enhanced precision, such as the double chin, neck, arms, anterior abdominal wall, hips, lateral thighs and calves.


Individual who have large areas of excess fat may also be good candidates for tumescent liposculpture.





For almost all the patients the best option is the anesthetic contained in the solution and combined with a sedation (gentle, short-acting medication administered by a board certified anesthesiologist to insure comfort and security for our patients). Patients are under monitored anesthesia care since they arrive to the operating room till they leave the recovery area; ensuring that you receive the safest care possible. The expert care you deserve.


This way our patients recover more quickly and with less discomfort than when general anesthesia is used.


In some cases even the tumescent solution itself may serve as the sole means of anesthesia providing sufficient comfort during the procedure like in a cooperative patient with a double chin.



Where will your liposculpture be performed?


Dr. Gomez-Mendoza performs most liposculpture procedures at the modern Puerta de Hierro Medical Center, or at one of the many Guadalajara or Puerto Vallarta-area hospitals where we currently enjoy operating privileges. Whether you choose to have your procedure done in the peaceful seclusion of our state-of-the-art Medical Center, or an area hospital; rest assured that you will receive the finest care available.



After surgery


The long-acting effects of the anesthetic solution help to provide pain relief after the procedure and decrease the need for additional pain medication. You will leave the operating room wearing a compression garment and you will wear it for three to four weeks. For the first day or two after surgery, most patients experience moderate swelling in the treated areas, as well as some fluid drainage from the incision sites.


Light activity is usually resumed the first day after liposculpture and you may shower as frequently as you wish; normal activity can be resumed within the first week.



Your new look


You will be able to see a noticeable change almost immediately after surgery, before the swelling sets on, but more improvement can be seen after three weeks, when most of the swelling has subsided. After about four months, any persistent mild swelling will disappear and the final contour will be visible.

Patients are usually very pleased with the results of the procedure.


By eating a healthy diet and getting regular light exercise, you can help to maintain your slimmer figure or leaner physique.



How do I prepare for my liposculpture?


Liposculpture must be individualized for each patient. Dr. Gomez-Mendoza will evaluate your body or face, including your skin, and with your assistance, make recommendations as to the specific procedures that will most likely help you achieve your aesthetic goals. A detailed history of medical conditions that could affect your surgery will be obtained including use of medications, vitamins, etc.


You will be given detailed written instructions on how to prepare for your surgery including guidelines on eating and drinking, smoking, and avoidance of certain vitamins and medications. If you smoke it’s especially important to stop (and also to avoid second-hand smoke) for at least two weeks prior to surgery because of the deleterious effect of smoking upon the healing process. Carefully following these instructions will help your surgery go more smoothly. In addition, we'll also be available to answer any questions you might have or any concerns that arise. Please don't hesitate to call us.



Are there any risks?


When a liposculpture is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon certified by the Board of Plastic Surgery, complications are infrequent and usually minor.


While Dr. Gomez-Mendoza and his team make every effort to minimize risk, individuals vary greatly in their anatomy, their healing ability as well as in their reactions to surgery and anesthesia. Complications that may occur include minor haematoma (a small collection of blood beneath the skin), infection, poor healing and reactions to medications. You can reduce your risks by closely following the advice of your surgeon concerning your pre-operative and post-operative care. There are not risk free surgical procedures.


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