Thigh liposculpture

Thigh liposculpture in Mexico
Thigh liposculpture in Mexico

Pubic and Thighs Liposculpture and Lifts


Women may have unsightly large fat deposits in her pubic region and inner thighs, which causes a bulge in clothes. These deposits may have been present since birth or acquired with weight gain or puberty. Usually the fat can be eliminated by liposuction - this is called pubic or thigh liposculpture. Aging or weight gain may cause the pubic, vaginal regions, and inner thighs to descend, resulting in an aged appearance. These areas can be lifted by excising excess skin and removing excess fat in the affected areas. The liposculpture and lift procedures may be combined with a tummy tuck or a body contouring liposculpture.


Please take the time to read the general aspects of these surgeries at the FEMALE GENITALIA ENHANCEMENT and LIPOSCULPTURE sections.


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